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Rediscover Yourself, LLC was created in 2013 to formulate the cutting edge and missing piece of all sound therapies.

Bonnie Vincent and Steve Vincent
Bonnie and Steve Vincent - Founders

Our Story

Rediscover Yourself, LLC, was created in 2013 to assist the collective to heal with a targeted process, to create balance and improve their overall state of being as a whole. Steve and Bonnie are very passionate about the work they do. Spending time with family, grandchildren and friends and being out in nature are some of their favorite activities. It is very rewarding for them to be able to assist people with an effective healing process that allows you to achieve quantum shifts towards true healing.

In May of 2021, Steve received news that he had cancer and both of them knew this was part of life’s learning. Even though this was a big obstacle placed before them their focus was not on the cancer but on what needed to be done to heal his body; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and etherically. They made a plan and took action to address all levels.  This experience has given them added knowledge to assist others who may be struggling with physical ailments. Now more than ever, they are motivated, self driven, and have an increasing level of awareness and understanding to be able to assist others. It is now 2024 and Steve is continuing to strive and do what needs to be done to to beat this. Steve believes in the power of the mind and its ability to heal the body, mind and soul. Never stop praying and believing. 

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Bonnie Vincent

Bonnie Vincent

Founder/Practitioner/Trainer & Emotion Code Certified
Steve Vincent

Steve Vincent

Co-Founder/Practitioner/Trainer & Emotion Code Certified

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What Our Students Have to Say

I am so blessed, so grateful and so thankful to Bonnie and Steve Vincent for this wonderful opportunity. If you are considering becoming a practitioner, do it. For your clients and for yourself!
Tina Kemp
Tina Kemp
Ashwaubenon, WI
I am very humble and grateful for the opportunity of becoming a practitioner. It is truly powerful and there is nothing like the great fulfillment of being able to help another human being.
Michelle Poole
Ashwaubenon, WI
We were so delighted to take a class with Bonnie and Steve Vincent. We had a wonderful experience. Being 84 and 70 years old, they made sure we were on track each time there was a session. They supported us with sincere compliments which gave us confidence to completely learn the healing techniques. This is the most updated healing technique we have seen!
Jeanne and David
Jeanne and David
Roanoke, VA
I was very nervous about becoming an Energy Sound Therapy Practitioner but all the nervousness went away as soon as I started. Bonnie and Steve exuded so much positive energy and made me feel at ease. The learning was very detailed and easy to understand. It was truly amazing to see my clients' lives change after sessions. I cannot thank them enough for teaching me this knowledge.
Debra Schwarz
Debra Schwarz
Sparta/LaCrosse, WI

Our Story

Rediscover Yourself, LLC
Bonnie & Steve Vincent

Bonnie Vincent, the founder of Rediscover Yourself, LLC, had been on a journey to holistic self-improvement since 2005. She wanted to create balance and improve all aspects of her life. During that time, she owned a salon and would listen to stories all day long from clients that were struggling with various problems in their lives. Bonnie has always had a passion for helping others and she knew many good solutions to benefit her clients, which she shared daily. This would eventually lead to her next passion, Energy Sound Frequency Therapy.

In 2012, Bonnie was introduced to sound frequencies. Sound frequencies have been used for over 4000 years, originating in the Orient. It has always been a safe process used to heal a body through the use of drums, gongs, flutes, chants, singing bowls, and many other modalities. There are many devices used to promote calmness and relaxation for the body today; however, they do not target a specific emotion nor do these methods identify problematic emotions stored in the body.

Bonnie met Steve Vincent (now her husband) who was a smoker for nearly 32 years.  Although he tried many times to quit, he was never successful. She asked him to try something that she believed could work. Bonnie performed the energy sound frequency therapy treatment without explaining what it was because she thought he would reject the idea. Steve tried it and immediately quit smoking with no problems whatsoever. This attracted Steve to want to learn the energy sound frequency therapy process so he could help many friends who struggled with the same addiction. They began working together to advance the process and help as many people as possible.

Rediscover Yourself, LLC was created in 2013 to formulate the cutting edge and missing piece of all sound therapies. By developing a process that identifies trapped emotions through the use of muscle testing and utilizing specific computer-generated frequencies unique to every individual, we release these emotions, safely and effectively. The results are nearly 100% effective and lasting for the clients.

Bonnie now had a method to help her clients in a way they never thought possible! Almost all of us have what we call “trapped” emotions from events we have experienced in our lives. These emotions can even be inherited from our parents or grandparents and passed down for generations. When we do not fully process and let go of an emotion shortly after the event took place, we usually suppress it, burying it deep down and saying, “I’m not going to let this bother me.”

In reality, the negative energy from the emotion has now been tucked away, slowly causing disharmony in the body and more specifically, in the area you had stored it.

Over time, this negative energy will begin to effect muscles or organs that are close to it.  This dis-ease in the body will continue to manifest until the body ends up with a disease.

It is now believed that over 85%, and some say it is closer to 100%, of all diseases began from an emotion.